HeartnSoul is HONORED to be offering  private classes and yoga therapy services in your area!!!

More details to follow!!!

Offering Classes and Private Yoga Therapy Services 

​​​​​​​​​​​FEEL YOUR BEST! Sick and Tired of feeling sick and tired? Call Today to begin your journey towards wellness! 413-377-8888

                   At HeartnSoul , your wellness is our priority!!!!!!

Using the Mind Body Empowerment Method, we offer a high level of quality service, tender loving care and the ability to feel your very best!  You will be gently guided on a personal level to access the innate,natural ability of the body/mind to heal and return to its desired state of inner BLISS.   Trapped energy, stuck tissue and painful muscles can be released as physical and/or emotional trauma lets go and your mind/body/heartnsoul return to the natural state of wellness!  

My passion stems from decades of experience in Education, Health Science, Public Health, my own experiences with not feeling my best and the Practice of Yoga.  By combining Ancient Yogic Wisdom with Modern Science/Anatomy, healing will take place!   


Private Yoga Therapy Healing Sessions                             Reiki Sessions

Yoga Therapeutics Classes                                                Thai Massage / Myofascial Release Bodywork

Private Yoga Lessons                                                        Trauma Recovery Classes and Private Sessions

Healing Modalities & Yoga Styles:

  • Thai Massage                                                        
  • Reiki
  • Myofacial Release
  • Body Alignment
  • Muscle Release
  • Transformational Yoga
  • Five Element Yoga
  • Yoga 12 Step Recovery
  • Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra 
  • Guided Meditation
  • Healing Mantras
  • Hand Mudras
  •  Aligned Asana (postures)
  • yogic wisdom! 

It is an honor and blessing to share this with you

Workshops, Teacher Trainings and Presentations:

HeartnSoul offers classes and workshops for yoga studios, schools, mental health organizations, recovery centers and hospitals for students and teachers.  Most courses are based on 
the Mind Body Empowerment Method of healing trauma, releasing trapped energy and toxins from the tissues for optimum health!

With loving kindness, compassion and much gratitude, wishing that all beings everywhere find peace, happiness and peace!


 HeartnSoul Yoga Therapy